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Pru Connolly

Special Counsel LLB, BA

office Brisbane
phone +61 7 3225 5946

Pru has lengthy experience in handling motor vehicle matters, including significant expertise in the effective management of claims arising under key Queensland legislation (Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002, Uniform Civil Procedures Rules 1999, Civil Liability Act 2003 and the Motor Accidents Insurance Act 1994) as well as Victoria’s Transport Accident Act 1986.

Pru is highly regarded for her skills in handling claims stemming from motor accidents and other forms of transport, including defending claims that involve liability issues such as alcohol and seat belts, dependency, accidents occurring interstate plus accidents that involve foreigners injured while in Australia. She has acted for most major Australian general insurers, several large self-insured corporations plus various public sector entities and regulators such as Q-Comp and the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria.

Other experience includes appearing in several Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) appeals and conducting matters on behalf of infants requiring court approval.

During her career, Pru has been involved in major transport accident litigation in both Queensland and Victoria, including representing CTP insurers in a range of indemnity disputes. She also defended a CTP insurer in a claim by a brain injured young girl from regional Queensland who had a significant requirement for care, and appeared in the notable Victorian case of State Trustees Limited v Transport Accident Commission (Bongiorno J) 2002 6VR359. The primary issue in this successful appeal to the Victorian Court of Appeal from VCAT was the interpretation of the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment (2nd edition).

Pru is also a skilled negotiator and is commended by clients for her demonstrated commitment to speedy resolution of claims. She has made regular presentations to insurer clients on transport accident law and also prepared numerous articles and papers on legal issues and developments in this practice area.

Professional Membership

  • Queensland Law Society