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The challenging and ever-changing area of workers compensation has always been a particular specialisation of Moray & Agnew.

Moray & Agnew has become one of the largest national providers of compensation legal services. Our extensive experience in the compensation area commenced in Sydney where we have provided these services since 1948. Since then our compensation practice has expanded to include significant capabilities in regional New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia.

Our workers compensation practice represents the interests of employers, insurers, self insurers and specialised insurers, under State and Commonwealth schemes, as well as advising and representing government bodies and regulators.

Our expertise in the areas of workers compensation, common law actions and industrial law is demonstrated by our extensive track record in leading appeals and cases which have had industry-wide implications

Our constant work in this arena means we are up-to-date and familiar with the latest legislative changes and significant Court decisions. We keep our clients informed of important developments by way of general advices and / or seminars which we regularly arrange. These ‘value added services’ are provided entirely free of charge.

The workers compensation practice prides itself on ensuring that the same lawyer handles a claim from commencement to conclusion. This has the benefit of maintaining continuity and effective communications with all concerned.

We are firmly committed to the claims handling philosophy of supplying prompt, regular and full reports to the client, rendering definitive advice on liability and quantum as soon as possible, minimising legal costs, pursuing strategies to settle a case on the best possible terms when appropriate and, when a case must proceed to a concluded hearing, fully preparing the case in such a way as to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.

In addition to maintaining a high standard of formal reporting, Moray & Agnew freely makes itself available to clients for informal legal advice of a general nature or in relation to matters in which we are not actually instructed. Furthermore, we are only too happy to make ourselves available on short notice to attend any meetings with our clients.

We also partner with our workplace team to ensure that the employment, work health and safety and industrial implications of any workers compensation claim can be assessed and managed from the time of the event until finalisation of litigation. Our compensation services are further complemented by our significant expertise in both catastrophic claims and dust diseases and toxic tort claims.

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Makita (Australia) Pty Limited v Sprowles [2001] NSWCA 305

The NSW Court of Appeal held that, if an expert opinion is to carry any weight, it must sufficiently outline the…

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